96h Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition

Plenary Lectures

Sunday PM

PL1200 C

Conference Opening with Plenary Lecture and Montreal Medal Lecture

17:00 Introductory Remarks
17:30 00001 The Role of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle in Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells *$Heeger A.J.
Montreal Medal Lecture:

18:30 00002 Les polym�res ne sont-ils qu'un r�sidu dans le fond du ballon des organiciens ? Prud'homme R.E.
19:10 End of Session

Monday PM

PL2200 C

Plenary Lecture

17:00 00222 Catalysis - A Key Technology for Sustainable Chemical Processes and Energy Technologies *$Beller M.
18:00 End of Session

Tuesday PM

PL3200 C

CIC Medal Lecture

17:00 00791 Multicomponent-Multicatalytic Reactions (MC)2R Lautens M.
17:40 End of Session

Wednesday PM

PL4200 C

Plenary Lecture

17:00 01342 Attosecond Science in Molecular Photonics Bandrauk A.D.
18:00 End of Session

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