96h Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition

Wednesday AM

AN1304 B

Analytical Separations

Organizer(s) - K. Waldron, D. Chen
Chair(s) - K.C. Waldron, C.R. Harrison

08:00 01123 Optimization and Application of Pressure-assisted Sweeping Reversed Migration Electrokinetic Chromatography for Simultaneous Online Preconcentration and Separation of Nitrosamines Found as Aquatic Pollutants *$Bottaro C.S., Modir-Rousta A.
08:20 01124 Interfacing HPLC and Parallel CZE Separations for Multidimensional Separations Chin J.D., $Skinner C.D.
08:40 01125 Top-Down Proteomics of Membrane Proteins through GELFrEE-Mass Spectrometry *Vieira D.B., Orton D.J., Crowell A.M., $Doucette A.
09:00 01126 Automation of Sample Preparation in Pharmaceutical Samples: Accelerating the Drug Discovery and Development Process Mullett W.M.
09:20 01127 Taylor Dispersion Analysis for the Characterization of Nanomaterials *$Cottet H., Martin M., Cipelletti L., Biron J.P., Chamieh J., Leclercq L.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01128 Fluorous Porous Polymer Monoliths (FPPM) for the Capillary Electrochromatographic and Chromatographic Separation of Fluorous Analytes Xu Z., Gibson G.T.T., *$Oleschuk R.D.
10:40 01129 Urinary Sulphate and Sulphite Status Determination by Capillary Electrophoresis with Indirect UV Detection *Macedo A.N., $Britz-McKibbin P.
11:00 01130 Viral Quantitative Capillary Electrophoresis (Viral qCE) for Counting and Quality Control of DNA and RNA Viruses *$Berezovski M.V., Mironov G.G., Azizi A.
11:20 01131 Assessment of Bilinear Gradients in Counter-flow Gradient Electrofocusing Techniques Shameli S.M., Glawdel T., Ren C.L.
11:40 01132 DNA-Mediated Assays for Ultrasensitive Protein Detection *Zhang H., Li F., Wang C., Dever B., Li X., Li X.-F., Le X.C.
12:00 01133 Functional Screening of Pharmacological Chaperones by Capillary Electrophoresis $Britz-McKibbin P., *Shanmuganathan M.
12:20 End of Session

AN2303 A

Biosensors and Nonspecific Adsorption in Biosensing

Organizer(s) - J.-F. Masson, M. Thompson, D. Boudreau
Chair(s) - M. Thompson

08:00 01134 Nanofluidic Flow Enhances Both Sensitivity and Specificity of DNA Hybridization in the Nanobioarray Chip Sedighi A., *Li P.C.H.
08:20 01135 Highly Sensitive Detection and Localization of BPDE-DNA Adducts by Binding-induced DNA Assembly Wang C., Zhang H., Li X.-F., Le X.C.
08:40 01136 Benchtop Fabrication of Fully Integrated Micro-nanosystems for Infectious Disease Diagnostics Gabardo C.M., Zhu Y., Moran-Mirabal J., $Soleymani L.
09:00 01137 Development of Diagnostic Device for TB Detection Using Paper-based Bacteria Cultures and Engineered Bacteriophages Deiss F., Tjhung K., Funes-Huacca M., Ng S., Matochko W., *$Derda R.
09:20 01138 A Nucleic Acid Hybridization Assay on a Paper-Based Platform Using Immobilized Quantum Dots as Donors in Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Noor M.O., *$Krull U.J.
09:40 01139 Adapting Nature's Tricks to Engineer Better Biosensors *$Vall�e-B�lisle A.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01140 Antifouling Behaviour of Ultrathin Organosilane Adlayers Against Full Serum Characterized By an Ultra-High Frequency Acoustic Wave Sensor Blaszykowski C.
11:00 01141 Self-Assembled Nano Graphene Oxide and Zwitterionic Liposomes: From Surface Interaction to Multiplexed Drug Delivery *$Liu J., Huang P.J.J., Sun Z.
11:20 01142 Adsorption Processes of Biomolecules on Peptide Self-Assembled Monolayers Breault-Turcot J., Aub� A., Chaurand P., *$Masson J.F.
11:40 01143 Biosensing in crude cell lysate with peptide monolayers on SPR sensors Aub� A., Breault-Turcot J., *Masson J.F.
12:00 01144 Selective Analysis of Sialic Acid using a Zwitterionic Boronic Acid as an Optical and Electrokinetic Sensor $Britz-McKibbin P., Wellington N.L.
12:20 End of Session

AN2104 A

New Developments in Plasmon Enhanced Spectroscopy and Optical Micro-Spectroscopy (joint with SS3)

08:00 Joint with SS3 - See New Developments in Plasmon Enhanced Spectroscopy and Optical Micro-Spectroscopy under Surface Science for the schedule.

12:20 End of Session

AN2104 B

Structural Characterization of Biomolecules on Surfaces

08:00 Joint with SS5 - See Structural Characterization of Biomolecules on Surfaces under Surface Science for the schedule.

12:20 End of Session


General Session

Organizer(s) - D. Poirier, E. Marsault
Chair(s) - Y. Dory

08:00 01145 Application of a Unique Multicomponent Reaction in the Discovery and Optimization of Inhibitors of Human Polynucleotide Kinase/Phosphatase for Use as Tumor Radiosensitizing Agents *Hall D.G., Bernard S., Gao D., Lamontagne V., Mereniuk T., Fanta M., Mani R., Weinfeld M.
08:40 01146 Two Rings to Rule Them All: Rigidification of a Neuraminidase Inhibitor Scaffold to Target Influenza, Cancer and Bacterial Infections *$Wulff J.E., Brant M.G., Albohy A., Cairo C.W., Boulanger M.J.
09:00 01147 Oxidative Alkyl Shifts: Developments and Applications in Total Synthesis Guerard K.C., G�rinot A., Bouchard-Aubin C., M�nard M.A., Lepage M., Beaulieu M.A., *Canesi S.
09:20 01148 Novel Piperazine Frameworks as N-Type Ca2+ Ion Channel Blockers for Chronic Pain Therapies Borzenko A., *$Schafer L.L., Snutch T.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01149 Fragment-Based Inhibitor Design and Synthesis against Plasmodium falciparum Apical Membrane Antigen 1 Devine S.M., Lim S., Chandrashekaran I., MacRaild C.A., Simpson J.S., Anders R.F., Scanlon M.J., Scammells P.J., Norton R.S.
10:40 01150 Discovery of Thienopyrimidine-Based Inhibitors of the Human Farnesyl Pyrophosphate Synthase and the Parallel Synthesis of Analogs via a Trimethylsilyl Ylidene Intermediate Leung C.-Y., *$Tsantrizos Y.S.
11:00 01151 Synthesis and Properties of Molecular Probes for Cystic Fibrosis Research *$Viirre R.D.
11:20 01152 Nitric Oxide (NO)- and Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)-releasing Molecules (NOSH Compounds) Show Promising Anticancer Activity by Inhibiting the Forkhead Box M1 (FoxM1) Transcription Factor Rodriguez Dimitrescu A., $Velazquez Martinez C.A., Kodela R., Chattopadhyay M., Kashfi
11:40 01153 The Bioactive Peptide Apelin is Activated to a Specific Isoform by Proprotein Convertase Subtilin Kexin-3 *Shin K., Pandey A., Anini Y., $Rainey J.K.
12:00 01154 New Matriptase Inhibitors as Potential Anti-influenza Agents *$Marsault E., Colombo E., Duch�ne D., D�silets A., Beaulieu A., Gravel E., Cloutier A., Marois I., Najmanovich R., Leduc R., Richter M.V.
12:20 End of Session


Nature in Action: Drug-design using Natural Products (joint with OR)

Organizer(s) - G. Berube, D. Poirier
Chair(s) - G. Berube

08:00 01155 Steroidal alkaloids as aminoglycoside-enhancing drugs. Chagnon F., Marsault �., Frost E., Guay I., *Boulanger S., Mitchell G., Bouarab K., Hmamouchi R., Jacques P.-�., Rodrigue S., $Malouin F.
08:20 01156 Synthesis, NMR Characterization and SAR Study of Androsterone and Pregnenolone Derivatives as Inhibitors of 17b-Hydroxysteroid Dehydrogenase Type 3 Djigou� G.B., Kenmogne L.C., Roy J., *$Poirier D.
08:40 01157 Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Resveratrol Analogues as Potential Colon Cancer Chemopreventive Agents Aldawsari F, Chattopadhyay M., El Gendy M., Yoo J., Rao P., Medina-Franco J., Kashfi K., El-Kadi A., *$Vel�zquez C.
09:00 01158 Plant Natural Products and Their Anti-Renin Activity *$Ata A., Agomuoh A.A., Aluko R.E.
09:20 01159 Steroid-conjugate Aniline Mustard Anticancer Agents with Multiple Molecular Targets $Croy R.G., Fedeles B.I., Proffitt K.D., Hillier S.M., Essigmann J.M.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01160 A Steroid Derivative as Irreversible Inhibitor of 17b-HSD1 for Breast Cancer Treatment and Imaging *$Poirier D., Maltais R., Trottier A., Ayan D.
10:40 01161 Coumarinyl-Caged Ceramides: Probing the Biological Activity of Specific Ceramide Species In Vivo Day J.L., *Carter Ramirez D.M., Kim Y.A., Bittman R., $Johnston L.J.
11:00 01162 Synthesis of Prodigiosin Analogues: Influences on Their Mode of Activity and Anticancer Properties Marchal E., Rastogi S., Uddin I., Groves B., Colpitts J., McFarland S.A., Davis J.T., *$Thompson A.
11:20 01163 Suicide Inhibition of PfFKBP35 MacDonald C.A., *Boyd R.J.
11:40 01164 Hybridizing Natural Product and Natural Product Analogs: Combination Therapy in a Single Molecule *$Gleason J.L.
12:20 End of Session

BM5304 A


Organizer(s) - R. Schirrmacher, N. Vasdev
Chair(s) - R. Schirrmacher, N. Vasdev; A. Kostekov, S. Liang

08:00 01165 An Introduction to Green Radiochemistry *$Scott P.J.H., Shao X., Fawaz M.V., Jang K.
08:40 01166 Rapid Flow Hydrogenation for Deprotection and Reduction of 18F-Labeled Compounds *Liang S.L., Collier T.L., Rotstein B., Lewis R., Steck M., Vasdev N.
09:00 01167 Click Chemistry in PET Radiopharmaceuticals: Application, Challenges and Future Development *$Kostikov A.
09:20 01168 PET Radiotracers for Imaging Enzymes in the CNS: Applications of [11C]CO2 Fixation Radiochemistry Wilson A.A., Hicks J.W., Sadovski O., Vasdev N.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01169 Synthesis of New PET Radiopharmaceuticals for Neurology and Oncology *$Vasdev N., Liang S.H., Holland J.P., Rotstein B.H., Collier T.L., Shoup T.M., Lewis R., Shea C., Wilson A.A., Brady T.J.
11:00 01170 Tubulin-derived Peptides as Molecular Imaging Probes for Aggressive Breast Cancer Tumours Esarik A., *Esguerra K.V.N., Akentieva N., Turley E.A., $Luyt L.G.
11:20 01171 Synthesis and Evaluation of Iodinated Heterocycle-Based Imaging and Therapy Agents for Malignant Melanoma Rathmann S.M., Janzen N., Valliant J.F.
11:40 01172 Direct One-step Labeling of Peptides with [11C]Methyl Triflate for the Synthesis of Radiopharmaceuticals for Positron Emission Tomography Chin J.K.Y., Vesnaver M., Bernard-Gauthier V., Lennox R.B., *$Schirrmacher R.
12:00 01173 One Step Radiosynthesis of 18F-ArBF3 Fluorescent and Peptide Radiotracers in Record Time at Unprecedentedly High Specific Activity *$Perrin D.M., Liu Z., Lozada J., Li Y., Schaffer P., Lin K.S.
12:20 End of Session

BM301 A

Organosulphur and other Chemistry Topics that Inspire Careers in Science: A Symposium in Honour of David N. Harpp

08:00 Joint with CE3 - See Organosulphur and other Chemistry Topics that Inspire Careers in Science under Chemical Education for the schedule.

12:20 End of Session

BM2104 B

Structural Characterization of Biomolecules on Surfaces

08:00 Joint with SS5 - See Structural Characterization of Biomolecules on Surfaces under Surface Science for the schedule.

12:20 End of Session

CE3301 A

Organosulphur and other Chemistry Topics that Inspire Careers in Science � A Symposium in Honour of David N. Harpp (joint with OR)

Organizer(s) - C.-J. Li, Y. Tsantrizos

08:00 01174 A Rippled Landscape of Contributions in Education, Chemistry and Science by a Basketball Fanatic from Warrensport, New York Snyder J.P.
08:20 01175 Life's a Voyage That's Homeward Bound: From Sulphur to Iridium and the Ties that Bind Ladouceur S., Donato L., Romain M., Mudraboyina B.P., Johansen M.B., Wisner J., *$Zysman-Colman E.
08:40 01176 Studies of Small-Molecule Mimetics of Glutathione Peroxidase *$Back T.G.
09:20 01177 Science Courses for Non-scientists *$Meinwald J.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01178 A Catalytic Aerobic Oxidation of Phenols that Mimics the Enzyme Tyrosinase Esguerra K.V., Fall Y., Askari M.S., Ottenwaelder X., *$Lumb J.P.
10:40 01179 The Biological Chemistry of the Carbon-Sulphur Bond *$Honek J.F.
11:00 01180 Molecular Origami for Biochemistry: Paper Models of Proteins, Carbohydrates, and DNA Abrams C.B.
11:20 01181 Engineering Undergraduate Careers in Chemistry: A Conversation About the Central Science Fine L., Avila L.
11:40 01182 It's Organic! The Imprint of David Harpp Snieckus V.
12:20 End of Session

EN5302 A

Emerging Contaminants

Organizer(s) - J.-P. Bellenger, H. Cabana
Chair(s) - P. Segura

08:00 01183 Toward a Better Understanding of the Fate, Behaviour and Risk of Fullerenes in the Total Environment $Barcelo D., Sanch�s J., *Farr� M.
08:40 01184 Influence of Chemical Speciation on the Uptake and Toxicity of Pd and Pt Using a Green Alga as Target Organism Tetrault G., Campbell P.G.C., *$Fortin C.
09:00 01185 Occurrence and Impact of Methyl Siloxanes in the Aquatic Environments of Catalonia (Spain) and the Antarctica Region *Farre M., Sanchis J., Galb�n-Malag�n C., Cabrerizo A., Dach J., $Barcel� D.
09:20 01186 There May Be More to Nanoparticles than Meets the Eye Walker V.K.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01187 Using LDTD as an Ultrafast Mass Spectrometry Interface for the Analysis of Contaminants of Emerging Concerns *$Sauv� S.
11:00 01188 The Development of a Microwave Assisted Extractgion Technique for the Determination of Azo and Benzidine Dyes in Biotic Tissues *$Balakrishnan V.K., Toito J.M., Venneri K., Villa P.
11:20 01189 Quantification of Chemotherapeutic Agents in Wastewater by Online Solid-phase Extraction Coupled to Liquid Chromatography-tandem Mass Spectrometry *Rabii F.W., Segura P.A., Fayad P.B., $Sauv� S.
11:40 01190 Distribution of Pharmaceuticals in Wastewater Treatment Processes Guerra P., Kim M., Shah A., Alaee M., Smyth S.A.
12:00 01191 The Occurrence of Canada's Top Dispensed Pharmaceuticals in Nova Scotia Wastewater Effluents Ghoshdastidar A.J., Fox S, Sichinga M., Tong A.Z.
12:20 End of Session

EN7302 B

Metallomics � Metal Speciation within Living Cells

Organizer(s) - P. Campbell, C. Fortin, M. Stillman
Chair(s) - P. Campbell, C. Fortin

08:00 01192 Can Metal Subcellular Partitioning Data Explain How the Insect Chaoborus Manages to Prosper in Metal-contaminated Lakes? *$Rosabal M., Hare L., Campbell P.G.C.
08:20 01193 Subcellular Partitioning of Non-essential Metals (Cd, Ni) in Aquatic Species: Comparisons Between Metals and Across Species *$Campbell P.G.C., Rosabal M., Fortin C., Hare L.
08:40 01194 Analytical Chemistry for an Ecotoxicology Issue- What Are the Molecular Targets of Uranium in Living Aquatic Organisms? Mounicou S.
09:20 01195 From Individuals to Ecosystems: The Importance of Subcellular Metal Distributions to Toxicity and Trophic Transfer in Metal-impacted Marine Benthic Communities *Wallace W.G.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01196 Metal Homeostasis in the Tri-membered Lichen Peltigera aphthosa: Another Demonstration of the Potential Importance of Vanadium to N2 Fixation Worldwide *$Bellenger J.P., Darnajoux R., Hodkinson B., Miadlikowska J., Lutzoni F.
10:40 01197 Metal Stress Response of Algae and Fungi at Cellular Level Investigated by Mass Spectrometry and Synchrotron Based Techniques *$Schauml�ffel D., Penen F., Isaure M.-P., Krauss G.-J., Dobritzsch D.
11:20 01198 Investigation of Selenium Metabolism, In Vitro and In Vivo, in Freshwater Fish Using X-Ray Absorption Near Edge Structure (XANES) Spectroscopy Niyogi S., Misra S., Peak D.
11:40 01199 Using Synchrotron X-Ray Fluorescence Imaging as a Tool in Metallomics *Punshon T., $Guerinot M.L., Richachenevsky F., Hindt M.F., Lanzirotti A., Webb S.M.
12:20 End of Session

IC200 A

Green Chemistry II: Catalysis (joint with IN3)

08:00 Joint with IN3 - See Green Chemistry II: Catalysis under Inorganic Chemistry for the schedule.

12:20 End of Session


Renewable Bio-based Fibers and Biomass Processing Chemistry (joint with MS5)

08:00 Joint with MS5 - See Renewable Bio-based Fibers and Biomass Processing Chemistry under Macromolecular Science and Engineering for the schedule.

12:20 End of Session


General Session

Organizer(s) - F.-G. Fontaine, X. Ottenwaelder
Chair(s) - M. Zamora, C. Garon

08:00 01200 Transfer of Chirality from Ligand to Metal Center: A New Methodology *$Aquino M.A.S.
08:20 01201 Bring on the Bulk: Increasing Alkyl Size in Bithiazole Ligands for Silver(I) Coordination Compounds *$MacKinnon C.D., Andreychuk N.R., D'Aleo D.N., Godwin B.R., Allard S.R., Kelly K.T., Assoud A.
08:40 01202 Design and Synthesis of Metal-(iso)thiocyanate Building Blocks and Coordination Polymers Savard D., Kobayashi M., Sakai K., *Leznoff D.B.
09:00 01203 Ruthenium (II) Quaterpyridyl Complexes : Photochemical Properties of a Dendrimer Core $Rousset E., *Hanan G.S., Ciofini I., Marvaud V.
09:20 01204 Novel Mechanistic Aspects on C-C Coupling Reactions of Terminal Alkynes Using Inner Transition Metal Complexes *Maron L., Kefalidis C., Perrin L.
09:40 01205 Conjugated Organometallic Molecules as Building Blocks for Potential Molecular Electronic Applications Lissel F., Semenov S.N., Blacque O., Fox T., Venkatesan K., *$Berke H.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01206 Determining the Geometric and Electronic Structure of First Row Transition-metal Ions (V, Co, Cu) With a Redox-active Benzoxazole-containing Amidophenoxide Ligand Clarke R., Chiang L., Balaghi E., Safaei E., Wong E., Savard D., *$Storr T
10:40 01207 Zinc Carbene Complexes for H2 Cleavage and Small Molecule Activation Jochmann P., *$Stephan D.W.
11:00 01208 Pushing Bonds To Their Limits: Synthesis and Properties of Metal Complexes of Novel Cage Ligands Ralph S.F., James L., Alcock L.J., Willis A.C., Bernhardt P.V.
11:20 01209 An Ab Initio Study of the Hydration of Mercury(II), Thallium(III), Lead(II), Tin(II), and Antimony(III) *$Pye C.C., Gunasekara C.M.
11:40 01210 Unexpected Reactions of Strained [2]Ruthenocenophanes: Redox Induced Ru-Ru and C-C Bond Formation Russell A.D., Gilroy J.B., Lam K., Haddow M.F., Harvey J.N., Geiger W.E., *$Manners I.
12:00 End of Session

IN3200 A

Green Chemistry II: Catalysis (joint with IC)

Organizer(s) - F. Kerton, C. Kozak, D. Amoroso
Chair(s) - D. Amoroso

08:00 01211 Mimicking Tyrosinase for a Catalytic Aerobic Phenolic Functionalization Esguerra K.V.N., Askari M.S., Fall Y., Ottenwaelder X., $Lumb J.-P.
08:20 01212 Catalytic Activity of N-alkyliminodiacetate Metallomicelles Towards the Oxidation of Organic Substrates in Aqueous Media Cull J.E.W., Richard A., *$Scott J.
08:40 01213 Green Macrocyclization: Catalytic Macrocyclization at High Concentrations and Applications in Continuous-Flow Synthesis Bedard A.-C., Regnier S., *$Collins S.K.
09:00 01214 Ionic Liquid Tagged Ligands in Catalysis and Separations *$Singer R.D., Prudhoe C., McGrath T., Ambrose K., Hurisso B.
09:20 01215 Recent Advances in Metal-catalyzed Amination Using Pd-NHC Complexes *$Organ M.G., �alimsiz S., Froese R.D.J., Hopkinson A.C., Hoi K.H.
09:40 01216 Recent Developments in Pd(0)-Catalyzed Carboiodination: Accessing Oxygenated Heterocycles and Indenes Petrone D.A., Jia X., Weinstabl H., *$Lautens M.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01217 Ru-Mediated Hydrophosphination Morrow K.M.E., Belli R.G., Pantazis D.A., McDonald R., *$Rosenberg L.
10:40 01218 Partial Hydrogenation of Alkynes - A Mechanistic Analysis Using ESI-MS Luo J., *$McIndoe J.S.
11:00 01219 Asymmetric Linear Cross-dimerization using Methyl Methacrylate by Ru(0) Complexes *$Hirano M., Hiroi Y., Komine N., Komiya S.
11:20 01220 Selective Dimerization of Alkanes and Co-Dimerization of Alkane/Alkene Mixtures: A Tandem Catalytic Approach Leitch D.C., Labinger J.A., *Bercaw J.E.
11:40 01221 Toward Transformative Molecules by C-H Coupling Itami K.
12:20 End of Session

IN4200 B

Group 13 Elements in Novel Materials and Catalysis (joint with MT)

Organizer(s) - S. Wang, F.-G. Fontaine, S. Westcott
Chair(s) - J. Mueller

08:00 01222 Neutral and Cationic Alkyl Indium Complexes and Their Role in Polymerization of Polar Conjugate Monomers Yu I., *$Mehrkhodavandi P.
08:20 01223 Boron Catalysis: Borenium Ions as Catalysts for Organic Transformations *$Crudden C.M., Eisenberger P.
08:40 01224 The Catalytic Conversion of Glucose into More Useful and More Valuable Chemicals *$Gagne M.R.
09:00 01225 Boroles in Small Molecule Activation and as Materials Building Blocks *$Piers W.E., Houghton A.Y., Araneda J.E., Parvez M., Tuononen H.M., Karttunen V.A.
09:40 01226 Borenium Cations : Versatile Reagents for Synthesis and Small Molecule Activation *$Ingleson M.J.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01227 New Metal Bonding Environments for Organoindium Thiolate Compounds and their Reactivity as Catalysts in Cyclic Ester Polymerization *$Briand G.G., Decken A., Dickie C.M., Marks J.D., Wareham R.G.
10:40 01228 Boron in Novel Materials and Catalysis Marder T.B.
11:20 01229 The Role of the Support in MAO (Methylaluminoxane) Activated Olefin Polymerization *$Zurek E.D.
11:40 01230 The Strongest Lewis Acid in Methylaluminoxane is AlMe2+ Trefz T.K., Henderson M.A., Wang M.Y., *Collins S., $McIndoe J.S.
12:00 End of Session


Recent Developments in Pincer Chemistry and Multidentate Ligands

Organizer(s) - D. Zargarian, D. Gousev, H. Guan
Chair(s) - P. Hayes, L. Turculet

08:00 01231 Reactivities of New ECE-Type Ni Pincer Complexes Salah A., Declercq R., Lindeperg F., Lapointe S., Vabre B., *$Zargarian D.
08:20 01232 Molecular Architecture-Based Administration of Catalysis in Water via Self-Assembly of an Amphiphilic Palladium Pincer Complex Uozumi Y.
08:40 01233 New Pincer Ligands for Rare Earth Metals *$Hayes P.G., Johnson K.R.D., Kamenz B.L., Hannon M.A.
09:00 01234 Small Molecule Activation with N,P Multidentate Ligands Rozenel S.R., Chomitz W.A., *Arnold J.
09:20 01235 Carbeniophosphanes : Electron-poor Ligands for a Ternary Carbon->Phosphorus->Metal Coordination Chemistry *Chauvin R., $Canac Y., Lepetit C.
09:40 01236 Discovery and Development of Bis(phosphoranimino)methandiides; Multiply Bonded Metallo-Carbene Complexes Cavell R.G.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01237 Metal Alkyl Complexes Supported by 2,6-Bisiminopyridines Ligands: Synthesis, Reactivity and Catalysis Cartes M.A., Rodr�guez-Delgado A., Sandoval J.J., Palma P., *$C�mpora J.
10:40 01238 Probing the Reactivity of Group 10 Bis(phosphino)silyl Pincer Complexes *$Turculet L.
11:00 01239 Nitrenium and Triazole Based Pincer Complexes *$Gandelman M.
11:20 01240 New Ligand Backbones in Pincer Chemistry: Original Structures and Reactivities Based on the Phosphide-Oxide and 2-Indenylidene Motifs *$Bourissou D.
11:40 01241 Stabilization of Ruthenium Sensitizers to TiO2 Surfaces Through Cooperative Anchoring Groups Brown D.G., Schauer P.A., $Berlinguette C.P.
12:00 01242 Coordination Chemistry of Formazanate Ligands: Versatile b-Diketiminate Analogues Chang M.-C., *$Otten E.
12:20 End of Session

MS12102 AB

Controlled Architectures, from Block to Dendritic Polymers

Organizer(s) - M. Gauthier, G. Liu

08:00 01243 Amphiphilic Star-Shaped Polymers and Oligomers Le D�v�dec F., Strandman S., Zhang J., Luo J., *$Zhu X.X.
08:40 01244 DendriMacs, HyperMacs and HyperBlocks Dendritically Branched Polymers via the Macromonomer Approach $Hutchings L.R.
09:20 01245 A Ligand Exchange Strategy for Synthesis of Treelike Block Copolymers by Pd-Catalyzed "Living" Polymerization Zhang Z., *Ye Z.
09:40 01246 Synthesis of Arborescent Polymers by "Click" Grafting Aridi T., *$Gauthier M.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01247 Dendrimer-Functionalized Block Copolymer Assemblies: New Architectural Hybrids for Therapeutic and Delivery Applications *$Gillies E.R., Nazemi A., Bonduelle C.V., Amos R.C.
11:00 01248 Poly(ethylene oxide) Hydrogels for Cell Encapsulation Van Gyzen S.M., *$Adronov A.
11:20 01249 Synthetic Articulation in Developing Designer Branched and Hyperbranched Macromolecules *$Kakkar A.
11:40 01250 Polysaccharide-Stabilized Core Cross-Linked Polymer Micelle Analogues *$Smeets N.M.B., Krasznai D.J., McKenna T.F.L., Cunningham M.F., Champagne P.
12:00 01251 Arborescent Copolymer Micelles Based on Poly(c-benzyl L-glutamate) Whitton G., *$Gauthier M.
12:20 End of Session


Renewable Bio-based Fibers and Biomass Processing Chemistry (joint with IC)

Organizer(s) - B. Chabot, B. Riedl, T. Stevanovic, C. Daneault
Chair(s) - T. Stevanovich, B. Riedl

08:00 01252 New Developments in Polylactide-based Blends Huneault M.
08:40 01253 Characterization of Phenol Formaldehyde Novalac Resins from Liquefied Lodgepole Pine Barks Zhao Y., Zhang B., *Yan N., Farnood R.R.
09:00 01254 Crystalline Nanocellulose Functionalization Through Copper-Mediated Living Radical Polymerization Wang H.D., *$Cunningham M.F., Champagne P.
09:20 01255 Characterization and Esterification of Kraft Industrial Lignins for Biocomposite Production Schorr D., Diouf P.N., Stevanovic T.
09:40 01256 Uniaxial Orientation of Polylactic Acid Films and Fibers *Brisson J., $Hebert J.-S., Wood-Adams P., Heuzey M.-C., Dubois C.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01257 Towards the Hydrophobization of Tempo-Oxidized Cellulose Nanofibers by Covalent Coupling with Long Aliphatic Chains Jounoux-Lapp C., Benkaddour A., *Jradi K., $Daneault C.
10:40 01258 Composite Uses of Nanocellulose Fibers Produced from Kraft Pulp, a Renewable Lignocellulosic Source *Loranger E., Jradi K., Daneault C.
11:00 01259 Caract�risation de la dispersion de la cellulose nanocristalline dans des rev�tements par AFM $Vardanyan V., Poaty B., Chauve G., Landry V., Galstian T., *Riedl B.
11:20 01260 Design of Multi-scale Cellulose Based Aerogels for Improved Thermal Insulation Properties Grohens Y., $Mahouche-Chergui S., Lebeau B., Scudeller Y.
11:40 01261 Elaboration of Hybrid Materials Based on TEMPO-Oxidized Cellulose Gel and Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Maury C., *Jradi K., $Daneault C.
12:00 01262 Use of Crosslinking Agents to Reinforce Films Made of Proteins Extracted from Marine Mussels Holdfasts Byette F., Laventure A., $Marcotte I., *Pellerin C.
12:20 End of Session

MT1204 A

General Session

Organizer(s) - J.-F. Morin, G. Laroche

08:00 01263 The Direct Heteroarylation Reactions: A Useful Tool for the Synthesis of Conjugated Polymers $Berrouard P., Dufresne S., Pron A., Morin P.-O., Grenier F., Pouliot J.-R., Veilleux J., Najari A., *Leclerc M.
08:20 01264 Oligothienyl-BODIPYs : Red and Near-Infrared Emitters Poirel A., *Ziessel R., De Nicola A.
08:40 01265 Self-Assembly of Porphyrins and Quinones *$Sutherland T.C., Bromby A.D., Keller S.N.
09:00 01266 Segmented Methacrylate-Based Polymer Tubes/Rods by Microstructured Optical Fibre Templated Synthesis Bachus K., MacIssac K., Gibson G.T.T., *$Oleschuk R.D.
09:20 01267 Rosette Nanotube: A Potential Scaffold for Optoelectronics Shuai L., Cho J.-Y., *$Fenniri H.
09:40 01268 Microstructured Fibres as Templates for Polymer Tubes, Rods and Monoliths with High Homogeneity Fu Y., Gibson G.T.T., Langille K.J., *$Oleschuk R.D.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01269 Observation of Photoinduced Anisotropy in Sol-Gel Glasses Using Micro-Raman Polarization Anisotropy Studies *Gonzalez T.J., $Andrews M.P.
10:40 01270 Near-Infrared Optical Properties of Silver Selenide Nanocrystals $Langevin M.-A., Lachance-Quirion D., Ritcey A.M., *N�. Allen C.
11:00 01271 Metal Nanoparticles: How To Make Them Stable at High Temperatures? Perepichka I.I., Perepichka D.F., Lennox R.B.
11:20 01272 CdSe/CdS/Cd0.5Zn0.5S/ZnS Colloidal Quantum Dots Optimisation for Liquid Scintillation Counting Lecavalier M.-E., N�. Allen C., *$Larivi�re D.
11:40 01273 Nanophotonics for Sensing and Solar Applications *Chen J., Yan Y., Kulkarni A., Salvador M., MacLeod B., $Ginger D.
12:00 01274 Optimizing the Loading of ss-DNA on Gold Nanorods *Gates B.D., Pekcevik I.C., Poon L.C.H., Wang M.C.P.
12:20 End of Session

MT3205 B

Organic and�Nanostructured Electronic Materials

Organizer(s) - D. Ma, F. Vetrone
Chair(s) - D. Ma

08:00 01275 Multifunctional Materials for Electronics and Photonics *$Rosei F.
08:40 01276 Synthesis and Characterization of Azadipyrromethene-based Conjugated Compounds and their Chelates *$Sauve G., Gao L., Senevirathna W., Mao Z., Tang S., Zhu L.
09:20 01277 Conjugated Polymers: From Micro-Electronics to Genomics *$Leclerc M.
10:00 Coffee Break
Clara Benson Award lecture:

10:20 01278 Using Block Copolymer Self-Assembly on Surfaces to Create Complex Nanopatterns *$Buriak J.M.
11:00 01279 Diels-Alder [4+2] cyclCoaddition Between Graphene Oxide and Maleic Anhydride Brisebois P.P., Izquierdo R., *$Siaj M.
11:20 01280 Organic Electronics at the Interface with Biology Yi Z., Zhang S., Beezhetska O., Kumar P., Valitova I., *$Cicoira F.
11:40 01281 Novel Anthanthrone-Based Conjugated Materials for Organic Electronics *$Morin J.-F.
12:20 End of Session

MT200 B

Group 13 Elements in Novel Materials and Catalysis (joint with IN4)

08:00 Joint with IN4 - See Group 13 Elements in Novel Materials and Catalysis under Inorganic Chemistry for the schedule.

12:20 End of Session

OR1206 B

Advances in Physical Organic Chemistry

Organizer(s) - F. Hof, S. Eisler
Chair(s) - Y. Zhao, G. Welch

08:00 01282 Mechanistic Diversity in the Binding Dynamics of Guests with Curbit[n]urils *$Bohne C.
08:20 01283 Rapid DNA Self-Replication Induced by A Destabilizing Lesion *Kausar A., Mitran C.J., Li Y., $Gibbs-Davis J.M.
08:40 01284 2,4,7-Triphenylbenzimidazolium Salts as Scaffold for the Design of Transmembrane Transporters Kempf J., Noujeim N., Schmitzer A.
09:00 01285 Concise and Modular Synthetic Routes to Thiophene Derived Inhibitors Hassanpour A., Chen F., Wong N., *Forgione P.
09:20 01286 Alkyne Cyclizations and Cycloadditions: From Stereoelectronics to Cascade Transformations *$Alabugin I.V.
10:00 Coffee Break
Teva Canada Limited Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Lectureship Award lecture:

10:20 01287 Visible Light Photo-switches for Controlling Protein Structure *$Woolley A.
11:00 01288 Monitoring the Dynamics of Spiropyran Photochromism in Ionic Liquids Using Emission Spectroscopy: Direct Observation of Spiropyran Phosphorescence Naughton S.P., Gaudet R.M., Leslie A.L., *$Keirstead A.E.
11:20 01289 Towards a Dynamic Covalent Molecular Switch *$Adler M.J.
11:40 01290 Functionalization of Nanomaterials with Molecular Switches for Biomedical Applications *$Giordani S.
12:20 End of Session

OR2206 A

Advances in Synthetic Chemistry

Organizer(s) - A. Beauchemin, A. Gagnon, V. Snieckus
Chair(s) - M. Gravel, A. Gagnon

New Synthetic Methods

08:00 01291 PEG-Mediated "Phase Separation": Towards a General and Green Solution to Controlling Dilution Effects in Macrocyclization *$Collins S.K.
08:40 01292 Transition Metal Free Methods for C-C and C-N Bond Formation using Boronic Acids and Esters *$McCubbin J.A.
09:00 01293 Aldehyde Catalyzed Stereoselective Cope-Type Hydroamination of Allylic Amines $Hesp C.R., Macdonald M.J., Pesant M., *Beauchemin A.M.
09:20 01294 Doing More with Less: In Pursuit of the Ideal in Chemical Synthesis *$Leighton J.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01295 New Synthetic Methods Using Tertiary Alcohols as Cross-Coupling Partners *$Orellana A., Rosa D., Schweinitz A., Chtchemelinine A., Nikolaev A., Nithiy N.
11:00 01296 Development of a Chemoselective Cross-Benzoin Reaction Langdon S.M., Wilde M.M.D, Thai K., Legault C.Y., *Gravel M.
11:20 01297 Selective Divergent Synthesis of Fused Carbocycles: A Reaction Platform for the Design of New Catalysts Barabe F., Revol G., Levesque P., Lanoix S., *$Barriault L.
11:40 01298 Direct Electrophilic Alkynylation with Hypervalent Iodine Reagents *$Waser J., Fernandez Gonzalez D., Brand J.P., Li Y., Frei R.
12:20 End of Session

OR4200 C

General Session

Organizer(s) - J.-F. Paquin, C. Legault
Chair(s) - C., Legault, S. Canesi

08:00 01299 Synthesis and Study of Pyridinium Based Cationic Lipids as Gene Delivery Vectors *Parvizi P., Mendez-Campos J.E., Jubeli E., Almeer A., Allam H., Al Manaa M., Abdul Khalique N., Raju L., Pungente M.D., $Fyles T.M.
08:20 01300 Voltage-Dependent Ion Transport by BolaamphiphilicOligoester Ion Channels Zong Y., *Fyles T.
08:40 01301 Trimerization of Terminal Alkynes Under the Sonogashira Reaction Conditions Ravi S.Y., Zhou N., *Yan H.
09:00 01302 Photocatalytic Radical Fluorination: Synthesis of Fluoromethoxyaryl Ethers Using Visible Light Rueda-Becerril M., Mah� O., Drouin M., Paquin* J.-F., West J.G., *Sammis G.M.
09:20 01303 Highly Sensitive Detection and Discrimination of Saccharides Under Physiological Conditions with Click Synthesized Boronic Acid-Oligomer Fluorophores $Mulla K., Dongare P., Thompson D.W., *Zhao Y.
09:40 01304 Fully Unsubstituted F-BODIPY: Improved Synthesis and Chemical Manipulation of the Parent Core Structure $Groves B.R., Lundrigan T., Crawford S.M., Thompson A.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01305 XtalFluor-E Beyond Deoxofluorination: Cyclodehydration, Halogenation and Amidation Mah� O., Pouliot M.-F., Desroches J., Hamel J.-D., *Paquin J.-F.
10:40 01306 A Palladium Catalyzed Atom-efficient Synthesis of 2-Imindazolines Xu B., Worrall K., *$Arndtsen B.A.
11:00 01307 A Modular Synthesis of Potential a-Helix Mimics as Inhibitors of Islet Amyloid Fibrils Hassanpour A., De Carufel C.A., Sahnouni S., Bourgault S., *Forgione P.
11:20 01308 a-Boryl Isocyanides Enable Facile Preparation of Bioactive Boropeptides Zajdlik A., $Yudin A., Wang Z., Schimmer A.
11:40 01309 Diastereoselective Rhodium-Catalyzed Amination of Thioethers Piras H., *Lebel H.
12:00 01310 Structure-Based Design of Highly Constrained Tricyclic Nucleic Acid Analogues: Improved Duplex Stabilization by Restricting Sugar Pucker and the Torsion Angle c Merner B.L., Giacometti R.D., Wagger J., $Hanessian S.
12:20 End of Session

OR200 A

Green Chemistry II: Catalysis

08:00 Joint with IN3 - See Green Chemistry II: Catalysis under Inorganic Chemistry for the schedule.

12:20 End of Session

OR205 C

Halogen Bonding and Other Non-Covalent Interactions (joint with PT3)

08:00 Joint with PT3 - See Halogen Bonding and Other Non-Covalent Interactions under Physical, Theoretical and Computational Chemistry for the schedule.

12:20 End of Session


Nature in Action: Drug-design using Natural Products (joint with BM3)

Joint with BM3 - See Nature in Action: Drug-design using Natural Products under Biological/Medicinal chemistry for schedule.

12:20 End of Session

OR301 A

Organosulphur and other Chemistry Topics that Inspire Careers in Science � A Symposium in Honour of David N. Harpp (joint with CE3)

Joint with CE3 - See Organosulphur and other Chemistry Topics that Inspire Careers in Science under Chemical Education for the schedule.

12:20 End of Session

PT3205 C

Halogen Bonding and Other Non-Covalent Interactions (joint with OR)

Organizer(s) - D.L. Bryce, M. Taylor
Chair(s) - D.L. Bryce

08:00 01311 Modeling Noncovalent Interactions using Density-Functional Theory with Dispersion-Correcting Potentials *$DiLabio G.A.
08:40 01312 DFT Study on the Lowest-energy Isomers of the P3HT-PCBM Dimer *$Rodriguez J.I., Gutierrez-Gonzalez I., G�tz A.W., Molina-Brito B., Castillo-Alvarado F.L.
09:00 01313 New Motifs and Liquid Crystals: Halogen and Hydrogen Bonding in Action McAllister L.J., Takemura A., Pr�sang C., Wong J.P.-W., Donnio B., Whitwood A.C., Karadakov P.B., *$Bruce D.W.
09:40 01314 Synthesis and Characterization of a Photoisomerizable Hydrogen Bond Array Pleizier J., Linares I., Wisner J.A.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01315 Utility of Kinetic Capillary Electrophoresis - Mass Spectrometry (KCE-MS) to Study Fast and Slow Non-Covalent Molecular Interactions *$Berezovski M.V., Mironov G.G., Okhonin V.
10:40 01316 Structure and Energetics of Gas Phase Halogen-Bonding in Mono-, Bi-, and Tri-dentate Anion Receptors as Studied by Blackbody Infrared Radiative Dissociation Gillis E.A.L, Demireva M., Chudzinski M.G., Taylor M.S., Williams E.R., *$Fridgen T.D
11:20 01317 Halogen Bonding: A Biochemist's View Carter M., Scholfield M.R., Vander Zanden C.M., Rapp� A.K., *$Ho P.S.
12:00 End of Session

PT7205 A

Ultrafast Photochemistry and Quantum Control

Organizer(s) - F. Legare, A. Brown
Chair(s) - A. Brown, G. Hanna

08:00 01318 Multidimensional Time-Resolved Spectroscopy and Control of Biopolyenes Buckup T.
08:40 01319 Exploring Electronic Energy Transfer in BODIPY Compounds Bai D., *Benniston A.C., Harriman A.
09:00 01320 Mixed Quantum-Classical Liouville Simulation of Ultrafast Laser-driven Dynamics in the Mapping Basis *$Hanna G.
09:40 01321 Electron Solvation Pathways in Charge-Transfer-to-Solvent Excited Iodide-Polar Molecule Clusters Mak C.C., Timerghazin Q.K., $Peslherbe G.H.
10:00 Coffee Break
John C. Polanyi Award lecture:

10:20 01322 Kasha's Rule Isn't: Adventures in the Land of Molecular Electronic Excited States Steer R.P.
11:00 01323 Environmentally Assisted One-Photon Phase Control Brumer P.
11:40 01324 Polyatomic Molecules in Strong Laser Fields Mikosch J., Boguslavskiy A., Spanner M., *$Stolow A.
12:20 End of Session

PT2104 A

New Developments in Plasmon Enhanced Spectroscopy and Optical Micro-Spectroscopy

08:00 Joint with SS3 - See New Developments in Plasmon Enhanced Spectroscopy and Optical Micro-Spectroscopy under Surface Science for the schedule.

12:20 End of Session

PT2104 B

Structural Characterization of Biomolecules on Surfaces (joint with SS5)

08:00 Joint with SS5 - See Structural Characterization of Biomolecules on Surfaces under Surface Science for the schedule.

12:20 End of Session

SS32104 A

New Developments in Plasmon Enhanced Spectroscopy and Optical Micro-Spectroscopy (joint with AN)

Organizer(s) - F. Lagugne-Labarthet, R. Aroca
Chair(s) - F. Lagugne-Labarthet, R. Aroca

08:00 01325 Plasmonic Metal@Silica Fluorescent Nanoprobes for Biosensing Applications *Boudreau D., Ratelle O., Brouard D.
08:40 01326 Synthesis of Shell-Isolated Nanoparticles for Plasmon-Enhanced Spectroscopy Zhang Y., Chen W. H., *$Aroca R.F.
09:00 01327 Cavity Enhanced Spectroscopy on Silica Microsphere Resonators Barnes J.A., Gagliardi G., *$Loock H.-P.
09:20 01328 SPR and Surface-enhanced Spectroscopies on Micro- and Nanohole Arrays *Masson J.F.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01329 SERS, Optical and Electrical Properties of Close-Packed Silver Nanoparticle Arrays $Wang S., *Tay L.-L.
10:40 01330 Photophysical Study of Plasmonic Propagation in Nanoparticle Chains $Gr�goire A., Ouellet S., Ratelle O., *Boudreau D.
11:00 01331 Probing the Hottest Hot Spots of Plasmonic Nanoaggregates and Their Spectroscopic Potential *$Kneipp K.
11:40 01332 Electrochemical Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (E-SERS): A Plasmonic Tool for Understanding and Detecting Human Disease *$Brosseau C.L., Karaballi R., Harroun S., Merchant S.
12:00 01333 Plasmon Enhanced Fluorescence of Tagged Phospholipids with Shell-Isolated Nanoparticles Alsaleh A.A., *$Aroca R.F.
12:20 End of Session

SS52104 B

Structural Characterization of Biomolecules on Surfaces (joint with PT)

Organizer(s) - D. Hore
Chair(s) - K. Bratlie, S. Roy

08:00 01334 Shining Light on Biointerfaces - Applications of Vibrational SFG Spectroscopy for Studying Biomolecules at Solid/Liquid Interfaces *$Koelsch P.
08:40 01335 Influence of Non-Covalent Interactions on Structure, Morphology and Rheology of Lipid Films Schmidt R., $DeWolf C.
09:00 01336 Multimodal Imaging/Spectroscopy Studies of Ceramide-Induced Membrane Restructuring Carter Ramirez D.M., Day J., Jakubek Z., Johnston L.J.
09:20 01337 Label-free Detection of Small-moleclue Assocation to Membranes and Proteins Using Second-harmonic Generation Stokes G., Sly K., *$Conboy J.C.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01338 Domain Formation and Dynamics in Lipid Monolayers and Bilayers *$Tieleman D.P., Mendez-Villuendas E., Baoukina S.
11:00 01339 Phospholipids, Peptides and Perfluorocarbons in Monolayers: Microscopy, Spectroscopy and Simulations of Phase-Separation *$Paige M.F., Eftaiha A.F.
11:20 01340 Structure, Selectivity, and Solvation of Some Model Chiral Stationary Phases *$Horton J.H.
11:40 01341 Lipid Bilayers at Aqueous/Solid Interfaces Interacting with Engineered Nanoparticles Geiger F.M.
12:20 End of Session

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