96h Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition

Chemical Education

Monday AM

CE1301 A

Conversations on Teaching Analytical Chemistry: A Symposium in Memory of Walter Harris (joint with AN)

Organizer(s) - C. Lucy, P. Britz-McKibbin, G. Charlet
Chair(s) - C. Lucy, P. Britz-McKibbin

08:20 00030 The Legacy of Walter E. Harris on the Teaching of Analytical Chemistry in Canada Harrison D.J., *Lucy C.A.
08:40 00031 Determining Levels of Multiple Metals in Wild and Cultivated Mushrooms MacNeil J.H.
09:00 00032 Introduction of a New Surface Analyzer (NSA) *$Fatemi N.
09:20 00033 Integrative Analytical Laboratory Experiments: Experiences in Curriculum Renewal *Britz-McKibbin P.
09:40 00034 Learning in Small Steps: A Microfluidic Platform for University Level Analytical Chemistry Laboratories Greener J., Tumarkin E., Debono M., Dicks A.P., Kumacheva E.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00035 Development of E-Learning Modules for Analytical Chemistry *$Wenzel T.J.
11:00 00036 Case-based Activities in a Large Second-year Analytical Course *$Lekhi A., Musgrove A.
11:20 00037 What Do Our Students Thing of Our Use of Teaching Technologies? Harrison C.R.
11:40 00038 Incorporating Analytical Research Experience Into the Undergraduate Curriculum *$Thurbide K.B.
12:00 00039 Thoughts on Teaching Analytical Chemistry *$Wheeler A.R.
12:20 End of Session

Monday PM

CE2301 A

General Session

Organizer(s) - G. Charlet
Chair(s) - G. Charlet, P. Lock

14:00 00350 Making the Undergraduate Laboratory Experience more Relevant in the General and Analytical Chemistry Courses *$Bazzi A., Bandyopadhyay K., Deng Y., Bazzi J., Stewart O.
14:20 00351 Recycling Solvents in the Undergraduate Laboratory Stacey J.M., *Dicks A.P.
14:40 00352 Less Stressful Chemistry Labs? Videos to the Rescue! *Mikhaylichenko L., Restivo W.
15:00 00353 NMR Spectroscopy in Undergraduate Laboratories: An Active-Learning Approach Riegel S.D., Lix B., Leskowitz G.
15:20 00354 So Your Dean Wants You to Expand Lab Capacity ... What Now? *Stoodley R., Bussiere G., Monga V., Rogers C.
15:40 00355 Tinkering with Vacuum Science and Mass Spectrometry for an Upper-level Undergraduate Laboratory Bussi�re G., Stoodley R., Bagai A., Popowich A., Matthews N.
16:00 00356 Titration of Gaseous Ammonia Followed by FTIR Bussi�res D., Larouche R., St-Gelais A.
16:20 00357 Sustainable Organic Chemistry Laboratories $Huot M.
16:40 End of Session

CEpos2000 ABCD

Poster Session

Organizer(s) - G. Charlet

From 18:00 until 19:30

18:00 00358 The Five Senses of Christmas Chemistry Jackson D.A., Dicks A.P.
18:00 00359 Performance of College Science Majors on the Construction of Conceptual Map of Matter *$Camacho M.

Graduate Student posters

18:00 00360 The Green Chemistry Initiative: Promoting Sustainable Practices at The University of Toronto Henderson E.A., Bourdas N., Dhiman R., Fathi F., Hoch L., Kozycz L., Mallov I., Mastronardi M., Mirtchev P., Moir J., Reyes L., Sonnenberg J.
18:00 00361 Synthesis and Characterization of Monodisperse Polystyrene Latex at Room Temperature (Third-Year Teaching Lab) Murshid N., Cathcart N., *$Kitaev V.

Tuesday AM

CE2301 A

General Session

Organizer(s) - G. Charlet
Chair(s) - K. Darvesh, E. Smirnova

08:00 00608 Constructing Stoichiometric Understanding Through LEGO� Hoffman K.C., Ng S.W.
08:20 00609 Something Old, Something New Smirnova E.
08:40 00610 Molecules of Life Approach to Teaching Chemistry in Elementary School $Kairouz V., Hopewell R., *Lubell W.D.
09:00 00611 The Importance of Sequence in High School and Introductory Chemistry Jansen M.P.
09:20 00612 Student Teachers, Student Learners: (Trying) to Excite Primary-Junior Education Students About Chemistry MacKinnon C.D.
09:40 00613 Chemical Attraction : A Traveling Interactive Activity to Get Kids Excited About Chemistry *Doucet J.D., Voyer N., $Auger M.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 00614 The Student Experience with a Computer Controlled spectrophotometer in Home Chemistry Experiments *$Shaw L.
10:40 00615 Employing Home-laboratory Kits in First-year General Chemistry Kennepohl D.
11:00 00616 Our HP Catalyst Experience: Reaching Out with Chemistry Online Brewer S.E., Cinel B.
11:20 00617 It's Time to Bury Valence Bond Theory *$Dibble P.W., Findlay S.M., Patenaude G., Roussel M.
11:40 00618 Bonding Theory in First Year University Chemistry - An Alternative to the Textbook Approach *$Findlay S.M.
12:00 00619 How to Explain Hund's Rule in a General Chemistry Course *$Darvesh K.V.
12:20 End of Session

Wednesday AM

CE3301 A

Organosulphur and other Chemistry Topics that Inspire Careers in Science � A Symposium in Honour of David N. Harpp (joint with OR)

Organizer(s) - C.-J. Li, Y. Tsantrizos

08:00 01174 A Rippled Landscape of Contributions in Education, Chemistry and Science by a Basketball Fanatic from Warrensport, New York Snyder J.P.
08:20 01175 Life's a Voyage That's Homeward Bound: From Sulphur to Iridium and the Ties that Bind Ladouceur S., Donato L., Romain M., Mudraboyina B.P., Johansen M.B., Wisner J., *$Zysman-Colman E.
08:40 01176 Studies of Small-Molecule Mimetics of Glutathione Peroxidase *$Back T.G.
09:20 01177 Science Courses for Non-scientists *$Meinwald J.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01178 A Catalytic Aerobic Oxidation of Phenols that Mimics the Enzyme Tyrosinase Esguerra K.V., Fall Y., Askari M.S., Ottenwaelder X., *$Lumb J.P.
10:40 01179 The Biological Chemistry of the Carbon-Sulphur Bond *$Honek J.F.
11:00 01180 Molecular Origami for Biochemistry: Paper Models of Proteins, Carbohydrates, and DNA Abrams C.B.
11:20 01181 Engineering Undergraduate Careers in Chemistry: A Conversation About the Central Science Fine L., Avila L.
11:40 01182 It's Organic! The Imprint of David Harpp Snieckus V.
12:20 End of Session

Wednesday PM

CE3301 A

Organosulphur and other Chemistry Topics that Inspire Careers in Science � A Symposium in Honour of David N. Harpp (joint with OR)

Organizer(s) - C.-J. Li, Y. Tsantrizos

14:00 01414 Recent Advances in Metal-catalyzed Sulfination Using Pd-NHC Complexes *$Organ M.G., Sayah M.
14:20 01415 From the Keystone to Brimstone to Alkaloids *$Schwan A.L., Soderman S.C.
15:00 01416 Directed Functionality on Thiol-on-Silicone Surfaces *Brook M.A., Zhang J.
15:20 01417 Multimedia-based Science Education: Are We on the Technological Superhighway or a Pedagogical Dirt Road? *$Harpp K.S., Abrams C.B., Baird D.J., Geist D.J., Harpp-Meulbroek E.J.
15:40 01418 Bi- Tri- and Tetracyclic Sulfones: Understanding Conformational Preferences to Make Better Drugs *$Wulff J.E., Brant M.G., Wong S.S.Y.
16:00 01419 When Not to Bind Sulfur: The Discovery and Development of VELCADE to Treat Multiple Myeloma Adams J.
16:40 End of Session

Thursday AM

CE2301 A

General Session

Organizer(s) - G. Charlet
Chair(s) - P. Dibble, A. Johnson

CIC Award for Chemical Education lecture:

08:00 01853 Teaching Chemistry in Small, Medium, and Large Classes *$Skonieczny S.
08:40 01854 "If You Built It, They Will Come" - Engaging First Year Chemistry Students Through Community Building - A TA Perspective *Ghoshdastidar A.J.
09:00 01855 Improving One-on-One Student Contact: An Analysis of the uOttawa Chemistry Help Centre *Focsaneanu K.-S., $Chartrand M.
09:20 01856 Re-evaluating Evaluation: Having Students Do the Marking Rempel B.P.
09:40 01857 Performance of College Science Majors on a Categorizing Grid of General Chemistry Compounds *$Camacho M.
10:00 Coffee Break
10:20 01858 Evaluating Teaching: Development and Validation of a New Chemistry Concept Inventory Aleksandric M., George N., *$McWilliams A.R.
10:40 01859 The Use of Peer Tutors In A Second-Year Undergraduate Inquiry Course McKenzie N.
11:00 01860 Developing Writing Skills in Chemistry Students Sandblom N.T.A.
11:20 01861 Writing to Learn in a Second Year Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory *$Forde C.E.
11:40 01862 CTD's - Critical Thinking Development Heyne B.J., Lefebvre J., Mozol V.J.
12:00 01863 Critical Thinkers - The Making of Lefebvre J., Mozol V.J.
12:20 End of Session

Thursday PM

CE2301 A

General Session

Organizer(s) - G. Charlet
Chair(s) - R. Stoodley

14:00 02043 An Easy to Implement Problem-based Approach for the Laboratory Component of First Year Chemistry *$Laredo T.
14:20 02044 A PBL Approach to Nanochemistry in the Laboratory, Without the Recipe Book McGilvray K.L., *McTiernan C.D.
14:40 02045 Incorporating "Problem Set" as a Major Component of an Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Course *$Findlay S.M.
15:00 02046 AIRLab: An Interdisciplinary Student Team Approach to the Fourth-Year Research Thesis Project Experience Piunno P.A.E., Barzda V., Boyd C., Gradinaru C., Krull U.J., Stefanovic S., Stewart S
15:20 02047 Mentoring versus Babysitting: Fostering Independence in Undergraduate Researchers *Arpin C.C., Page B.D.G., $Gunning P.T.
15:40 02048 Student and Instructor Perceptions of the Impact of Participation in Inquiry-Based Integrated Laboratories on Research Skill Development in Undergraduate Students *Lock P.E., Peng M., vandenEnden L.
16:00 02049 Parting Ways : A Chemistry Publisher's New Business Plan Challenges Researcher Access to Chemistry Information Horava T., *Ward M.
16:20 End of Session

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