96h Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition

Thursday PM

AN1304 B

Analytical Separations

Organizer(s) - K. Waldron, D. Chen
Chair(s) - B. McCarry

14:40 02018 Improving Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography Separations with an Injection Port Flushing Device Edwards M., *$G�recki T.
15:00 02019 GCxGC Profiling of Naphthenic Acid Methyl Esters in Oil Sands Composite Tailings Bowman D., Alonso D., Fell L., Binkley J., $McCarry B.E.
15:20 02020 Advances in Computer Modeling of Gas Chromatographic Retention Times *$Harynuk J.J., Ebrahimi-Najafabadi H., McGinitie T.M.
15:40 02021 From Two Stages to One: Shifting the Paradigm in Thermal GCxGC Modulation Gorecki T., Edwards M., Mostafa A.
16:00 02022 Sulfur Response Characteristics of a Novel Multi-Flame Photometric Detector for GC *$Thurbide K.B., Clark A.G.
16:20 02023 Identification of New Markers of Wood Smoke Exposures in Firefighters using GC�GC-TOF-MS Fernando S., $McCarry B.E.
16:40 End of Session

AN3303 A

General Session and Analytical Awards (McBryde, Maxxam, Beamish, and Ryan Awards)

Organizer(s) - D. Boudreau, J. Greener, K. Waldron
Chair(s) - D. Boudreau

Maxxam Award lecture

14:00 02024 Planar Microfluidic Devices and Gas Chromatography Luong J.
14:40 02025 Potential of Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry for the Elemental Analysis of Organic Compounds such as Glucosamine Odenigbo C., Asfaw A., *Beauchemin D.
15:00 02026 Ultra-fast ICP-OES Determinations of Base Metals in Geochemical Samples Using Next Generation Sample Introduction Technology $Cauduro J., Blonski W.
15:20 02027 Single-Particle Analysis Using Ultra-Fast Quadrupole ICP-MS *Badiei H., $Kahen K., Stephan C.
15:40 02028 Studies on Oxidation Stability of Lubricant Oil Using Excitation Emission Matrix Spectroscopy (EEMS) Omrani H., Dudelzak A.E., *Loock H.P.
16:00 02029 Novel Flat Plate Plasma Generation Technology Providing Better Shape, More Stable and Maintenance Free Plasma *$Stephan C.
16:20 02030 Introducing a Revolutionary New Elemental Analysis Technique: The Microwave Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometer MP-AES Blonski W.
16:40 End of Session

AN2104 B

Structural Characterization of Biomolecules on Surfaces

14:00 Joint with SS5 - See Structural Characterization of Biomolecules on Surfaces under Surface Science for the schedule.

16:40 End of Session


Recent Advances in the Chemistry and Biology of Oligonucleotides

Organizer(s) - J. Perreault, J.-P. Desaulniers
Chair(s) - J.-P. Desaulniers, J. Perreault

14:00 02031 Riboswitches as Targets for Novel Classes of Antibiotic Lamontagne A.M., Lalonde-S�guin D., Le Roux A., Yan L.H., Boyapelly K., Mulhbacher J., Brouillette E., Allard M., Malouin F., Marsault E., Fortier L.C., *$Lafontaine D.A.
14:40 02032 Simplifying Nucleic Acid Detection Using the Amplification by Destabilization *Kausar A., Mitran C.J., Li Y., $Gibbs-Davis J.M.
15:00 02033 Novel Sugar-Modified siRNA Increases Cellular Uptake to Reduce DRR Expression Bogojeski J., Yamada K., Johnsson R., Le P.U., Petrecca K., $Damha M.J.
15:20 02034 Understanding the Binding Mechanism of the Cocaine-binding Aptamer. A Combined NMR and Calorimetry Approach *$Johnson P.E., Reinstein O., Wilce M.C.J.
15:40 02035 DNAzyme RNaseA Mimics that Cleave RNA without Mimics *$Perrin D.M., Hollenstein M., Hipolito C.J., Lam C.H., Wang Y.
16:00 02036 Examining and Fiddling with Substrate Recognition by the VS Ribozyme *$Legault P., Bouchard P., Lacroix-Labont� J., Girard N., Dagenais P., Bonneau E.
16:40 End of Session


Recent Advances in Peptides and Peptidomimetics (joint with OR)

Organizer(s) - W. Lubell, Y. Dory, D. Perrin
Chair(s) - D. Perrin

14:00 02037 Investigating the Sequence-Structure-Function Paradigm with Designed Peptides *$Waters M.L.
14:40 02038 Site-Specific Insertion of Molecular Fragments into Homodetic Cyclic Peptides: A Ring Enlargement Strategy Enabled Through "Active Amides" White C.J., *$Yudin A.K.
15:00 02039 Discovery of Light Responsive Ligands through Screening of Light Responsive Genetically Encoded Library Jafari M.R., Deng L., Ng S., Matochko W., Zeberrof A., Elias E., Klassen J., *$Derda R.
15:20 02040 New Ring Opening Approaches for the Synthesis and Decoding of Cyclic Peptide Libraries *Biron E., Vezina-Dawod S., Liang X., Bedard F., Girard A.
15:40 02041 Novels Enkephalin Analogs Targeting the Delta Opioid Receptor Proteau-Gagn� A., Rochon K., Bella NDong D., Gamblin C., Gu�rin B., Gendron L., *$Dory Y.

Bernard Belleau Award Lecture:

16:00 02042 Discovery and Study of Biologically Active Peptides Towards Drug Discovery Lubell W.D.
16:40 End of Session


Glycochemistry and Glycobiology (joint with OR5)

14:00 Joint with OR5 - See Glycochemistry and Glycobiology under Organic Chemistry for the schedule.

16:40 End of Session

BM2104 B

Structural Characterization of Biomolecules on Surfaces

14:00 Joint with SS5 - See Structural Characterization of Biomolecules on Surfaces under Surface Science for the schedule.

16:40 End of Session

CE2301 A

General Session

Organizer(s) - G. Charlet
Chair(s) - R. Stoodley

14:00 02043 An Easy to Implement Problem-based Approach for the Laboratory Component of First Year Chemistry *$Laredo T.
14:20 02044 A PBL Approach to Nanochemistry in the Laboratory, Without the Recipe Book McGilvray K.L., *McTiernan C.D.
14:40 02045 Incorporating "Problem Set" as a Major Component of an Undergraduate Organic Chemistry Course *$Findlay S.M.
15:00 02046 AIRLab: An Interdisciplinary Student Team Approach to the Fourth-Year Research Thesis Project Experience Piunno P.A.E., Barzda V., Boyd C., Gradinaru C., Krull U.J., Stefanovic S., Stewart S
15:20 02047 Mentoring versus Babysitting: Fostering Independence in Undergraduate Researchers *Arpin C.C., Page B.D.G., $Gunning P.T.
15:40 02048 Student and Instructor Perceptions of the Impact of Participation in Inquiry-Based Integrated Laboratories on Research Skill Development in Undergraduate Students *Lock P.E., Peng M., vandenEnden L.
16:00 02049 Parting Ways : A Chemistry Publisher's New Business Plan Challenges Researcher Access to Chemistry Information Horava T., *Ward M.
16:20 End of Session

EN2302 A

Biogeochemistry across Scales

Organizer(s) - R.-M. Couture, P. Van Cappellen, K. Mueller, H. Duerr
Chair(s) - H. Durr

14:00 02050 Recent Developments in Micronutrient Dynamics: How Processes Occurring at Molecular Scale Impact Ecosystem Functions? *Bellenger J.P.
14:20 02051 Soil Organic Matter Molecular-Level Responses to Long-Term Soil Warming and Nitrogen Fertilization Pisani O., *$Simpson M.J., Simpson A.J., Frey S.D.
14:40 02052 Organic Matter and Biogeochemistry in Pore-Waters of a Northern Sandy Beach *$Chaillou G., Couturier, Nozais, Tommi-Morin
15:00 02053 Sea-Level Fluctuation as a Factor Influencing the Fe Cycle in the Arctic Ocean Gobeil C., Macdonald R.W.
15:20 02054 Global Carbon Budget and Its Anthropogenic Perturbation in the Land-Ocean Aquatic Continuum: A Multi-scale Approach *$Regnier P., Friedlingstein P., Ciais P., Mackenzie F.T., Gruber N., et al.
16:00 02055 Satellite-Based Remote Sensing Monitoring of Lake Water Surface Temperature and Quality Kheyrollah Pour H., Duguay C.R., Zolfaghari K.
16:20 End of Session

IC3302 B

Industrial Catalysis

Organizer(s) - F. Beland, F. Kleitz, S. Kaliaguine
Chair(s) - F. Kleitz

14:00 02056 Catalysis at Eastman: From Fundamentals to Application Norman D.W.
14:40 02057 The Use of LaMnO3@mSiO2 Core@shell Structured Oxygen Carrier in Chemical Looping Combustion- Reactivity and Stability Tests and Reduction Kinetics Sarshar Z., $Kaliaguine S.
15:00 02058 In Situ X-Ray Absorption Studies of PdAu Nanoparticle Oxidation Catalysts *$Scott R.W.J., MacLennan A., Hu Y., Miller J.T.
15:20 02059 A Step by Step Catalyst Development for Dimethyl Ether Carboxylation Lacroix J.F., Soldera A., $Lavoie J.M.
15:40 02060 Effects of Catalyst Composition (Cu/SiO2) on the Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Methanol *Florek J., Decyk P., $Ziolek M.
16:00 02061 New Insight into the Mechanism of Cumene Peroxidation using Supported Gold and Silver Nanoparticles Crites C.-O.L., Hallett-Tapley G.L., Frenette M., Gonz�lez-B�jar M., Netto-Ferreira J.C., $Scaiano J.C.
16:20 02062 High Surface Area Mesoporous Perovskites for Advanced Catalytic Applications Muraleedharan Nair M., Kaliaguine S., *Kleitz F.
16:40 End of Session

IC200 A

Green Chemistry II: Catalysis (joint with IN3)

14:00 Joint with IN3 - See Green Chemistry II: Catalysis under Inorganic Chemistry for the schedule.

16:40 End of Session


General Session

Organizer(s) - F.-G. Fontaine, X. Ottenwaelder
Chair(s) - F.-G. Fontaine

15:40 02063 Cu(II) b-diketiminate Heteroleptic Complexes; Synthetic Challenges, Structural Analysis and Viable Lactide Polymerization Catalysts $Whitehorne T.J.J., *Schaper F.
16:00 02064 Highly Luminescent Air and Water Stable 9,10-Dihydro-9,10-diboraanthracene Derivatives Reus C., *$Wagner M.
16:20 02065 Unusual Mechanisms for Catalytic Hydrosilylation using Mo(VI) Imido Catalysts McLeod N., Nikonov G.I.
16:40 End of Session

IN3200 A

Green Chemistry II: Catalysis (joint with IC)

Organizer(s) - F. Kerton, C. Kozak, D. Amoroso
Chair(s) - F. Kerton

14:00 02066 The Use of Digold Complexes in Homogeneous Catalysis *$Nolan S.P., Gomez-Suarez A., Oonishi Y.
14:40 02067 The Homogeneous Asymmetric Hydrogenation of Unsaturated Carboxylic Acids de Winter T., $Jessop P.
15:00 02068 Breaking Bonds at b-Diiminate Rh Centres Zhu D., Enns K.D., Kozera D.J., *$Budzelaar P.H.M.
15:20 02069 Designing Improved Nanoparticle Catalysts in Ionic Liquids *$Yan N.
16:00 02070 Redispersion of Transition Metal Nanoparticles in Tetraalkylphosphonium Halide Ionic Liquids Banerjee A., Theron R., $Scott R.W.
16:20 02071 Mono- and Bi-metallic Simple Magnetic Nanoparticles: Easily Recyclable Catalysts for Selective Organic Transformations Hudson R., Ishikawa S., Chazelle V., Riviere A., Cirtiu M.C., Luska K.L., Hamasaka G., Osaka T., Yamada Y.Y.A., Uozumi Y., Li C.J., *$Moores A.
16:40 End of Session


Precursors and Surface Chemistry in Chemical Vapor Deposition and Atomic Layer Deposition (joint with PT)

Organizer(s) - S. Barry
Chair(s) - S. Barry

14:00 02072 Hot-wire Chemical Vapor Deposition Chemistry using Organosilicon Precursors *$Shi Y.J.
14:40 02073 AACVD of Metal Oxides: From Precursor Synthesis to Gas Sensors, TCOs and Photocatalysts Carmalt C.J.
15:20 02074 Silver and Gold Chemical Vapour Deposition from Novel Iminopyrrolidinate Precursors Gordon P.G., Coyle J.P., *$Barry S.T.
15:40 End of Session

IN7200 B

Pushing the Boundaries: Progressive Developments in Main Group Chemistry

Organizer(s) - G. Briand, P. Ragogna
Chair(s) - C. Martin

14:00 02075 Oxidation-induced Lewis acidity of Antimony Compounds: From Unusual Bonding Situation to New Energy Storage Reactions *$Gabbai F.P.
14:40 02076 Emerging Applications of Phosphorus(V) Lewis Acids to Small Molecule Activation and Catalysis Hounjet L.J., Caputo C.B., *$Stephan D.W.
15:00 02077 Novel Transformations in Simple B-N Compounds - Mechanistic Insights into Diborazane Redistributions and Aminoborane Transfer Hydrogenation Robertson A.P.M., Leitao E.M., Stubbs N., Helten H., Lloyd-Jones G.C., *Manners I.
15:20 02078 BN/CC Isosterism: An Emerging Approach to Expand the Chemical Space in Biomedical Research *$Liu S.Y.
15:40 02079 Stoichiometric Metal-Free Reduction of CO in Syn-Gas Dobrovetsky R., $Stephan D.W.
16:00 02080 Polyferrocenyl Stannanes and Associated Structures Ward J., Al-Alul S., *$Foucher D.A.
16:20 02081 Novel High-Nuclearity Silver Ethynide Clusters Assembled with Phosphonate and Vanadate Precursors Xie Y.P., *$Mak T.C.W.
16:40 End of Session

MS12102 AB

Controlled Architectures, from Block to Dendritic Polymers

Organizer(s) - M. Gauthier, G. Liu

14:00 02082 Controlling Adhesion and Friction Using Nanostructured Polymer Layers: Role of Polymer Conformation and Degree of Ionization *$Giasson S., Banquy X., Liberelle B., Borozenko O.
14:40 02083 Double Crystalline Block Copolymers Polyethylene oxide-b-Poly-Lactide (PEO-b-PLLA) Characterization Arnal M.L., Prud'homme R.E., M�ller A.J., Meyer F., Raquez J.-M., Dubois P.
15:00 02084 Assembly of New Silicone Architectures from a Metal-Free 'Click' Strategy Rambarran T., Gonzaga F., *$Brook M.A.
15:20 02085 A Rich Diversity of Morphologies in Supramolecular Block Copolymer Films Obtained by Dip-Coating *$Bazuin C.G.
16:00 02086 Using Atomistic and Mesoscopic Simulations to Study Controlled Architectures of Polymers *$Soldera A.
16:40 End of Session


Polymer Synthesis: Beyond Past Borders

Organizer(s) - W. Wang, E. Gillies
Chair(s) - E.R. Gillies, W. Wang

14:00 02087 Polymers from P=C Bonds: Similarities and Differences to Olefin Polymers *$Gates D.P.
14:40 02088 Carbon Dioxide Switchable Surfactants for the Preparation of Stimuli Responsive Polymer Colloids *$Cunningham M.F., Jessop P.G., Su X., Fowler C., Pinaud J., Kowal E., O'Neill C.
15:20 02089 Synthesis, Cyclic Reactions and Migration Insertion Polymerization of Cyclcopentadienyl dicarbonyldiphenylphosphinopropyliron (FpP) *$Wang X.S.
15:40 02090 Synthesis of Ammonium, Sulfobetaine, and Carboxylated Polyisobutylene-based Materials by Azide-Alkyne "Click" Chemistry Mahmud I., *$Gauthier M.
16:00 02091 Boron Subphthalocyanine (BsubPc) Polymers and the Discovery of a Side Product Resulting from the Auto-initiation of Styrene and Acrylates Lessard B.H., *$Bender T.P.
16:20 02092 Hyper-Coordinated Polystannanes From Wurtz and Dehydrocoupling Polymerizations $Foucher D., Patel A., Khan A
16:40 End of Session

MT3205 B

Organic and�Nanostructured Electronic Materials

Organizer(s) - D. Ma, F. Vetrone
Chair(s) - H. Zhao

14:00 02093 Electrolyte Gated Transistors based on Solution Processed Nanostructured Tungsten Trioxide Thin Films *$Santato C., Isik D.
14:20 02094 Mechanistic Studies of the Brust-Schiffrin Synthesis of Pd and Pt Nanoparticles *$Goulet P.J.G., Sidletsky J., Bielec R., Lennox R.B.
14:40 02095 Synergistic Interaction between Individual Components in Rationally-Designed Nanostructures during Catalytic Reactions Chen G., *Ma D., Rosei F.
15:00 02096 Enhancement of Dominant UV Emission in 10 nm Gallium-Codoped, Upconverting Nanocrystals *Stecher J.T., Stanton I.N., $Therien M.J.
15:20 02097 A Room-Temperature Photochemical Synthesis of Uniform Silver Icosahedra Nanoparticles Keunen R., Cathcart N., *$Kitaev V.
15:40 02098 Designing Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Based Nanoprobes for Detection of and Delivery to Vulnerable Atherosclerotic Plaque *Lam T., Rheaume E., Lesage F., Kakkar A.
16:00 02099 Amphiphilic Multidentate Block Copolymer Stabilization Strategy for Preparation of Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles with Enhanced Stability and Biocompatibility Chan N., *$Oh J.K.
16:20 02100 Optical Non-reciprocity in Nanocrystalline Cellulose Films *$Andrews M.P., Galstian T., Allahverdyan K.
16:40 End of Session

MT5204 A

Solid-state Materials

Organizer(s) - H. Kleinke
Chair(s) - T. Schleid

14:00 02101 Mixed Conducting Metal Oxides for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells *$Thangadurai V.
14:40 02102 AgI-AgPO3-WO3 Glass for Electro-Optics Applications Rioux M., *Messaddeq Y.
15:00 02103 Formation of Layered Nanostructure in Solid Solution Ceramics via Thermal Etching Ren Z., *Ye Z.-G., Jiang Z.-N., Mooney P.
15:20 02104 Cerium Doped BaFeO3-d : Conductivity and Applications for the Detection of Oxygen Penwell W.D., $Giorgi J.B.
15:40 02105 Growth and Characterization of (1-x)[(K1-yNay)]NbO3-xLiNbO3 Lead-Free Piezo-/Ferroelectric Single Crystals $Wong J.Y.Y., *Ye Z.-G.
16:00 02106 Synthesis, Structure and Multiferroic Properties of Bi(1-x)DyxFe0.90Mg0.05Ti0.05O3 Solid Solution Wu J., $Li N., Xie Z., *Ye Z.-G.
16:20 02107 Isomerizations in the Crystalline State of Azobenzene and Pseudostilbene Derivatives Bushuyev O.S., $Barrett C.J.
16:40 End of Session

OR2206 A

Advances in Synthetic Chemistry

Organizer(s) - A. Beauchemin, A. Gagnon, V. Snieckus
Chair(s) - A. McCubbin, A. Beauchemin

14:00 02108 A New Family of Cinchona-Derived Bifunctional Asymmetric Phase-Transfer Catalysts Johnson K.M., Rattley M.S., Sladojevich F., Barber D.M., Nunez M.G., Goldys A.M., *$Dixon D.J.
14:20 02109 Synthesis of 1,3-Diketones via the Palladium-Catalyzed Carbonylative a-Arylation of Acetone Schranck J., Tlili A., Alsabeh P.G., Neumann H., Stradiotto M., *Beller M.
14:40 02110 Development of New Methodologies to Access Tetrahydroxanthones Castillo-Contreras E.B., *$Dake G.R.
15:00 02111 Heteroaromatic Sulfinates as Nucleophilic Coupling Partners in Palladium-Mediated Desulfinylative Cross-Couplings S�vigny S., $Forgione P.
15:20 02112 Synthesis and Application of Functionalized Optically Pure Vicinal Diamines from Aziridine Aldehyde Building Blocks Liew S.K., $Yudin A.K.
15:40 02113 Dehydrogenative Directed C-H Borylation Catalyzed by Rh N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes Keske E.C., Zenkina O.V., Moore B.D., *$Crudden C.M.
16:00 02114 (4+1)-Cycloaddition Between Chromium Aminocarbenes and Dienes Dery M., Aissa K., $Spino C., *Lefebvre L.-P. D.
16:20 02115 Copper-Catalyzed One-Pot Synthesis of Dibenzoxazepinones Lee C.-H.F., Guimaraes K.G., Hurst T.E., Kitching M.O., *$Snieckus V.
16:40 End of Session

OR4304 A

General Session

Organizer(s) - J.-F. Paquin, C. Legault
Chair(s) - M. Gravel

14:00 02116 New Methodology for the Synthesis of Pharmaceutical Opiates *$Scammells P.J., Orbell G.
14:20 02117 Towards the Total Synthesis of (�)-Paralycolin A Alves R.B., Frank Lee C.H., Guimar�es K.G., Hurst T.E., Kitching M.O., da Silva A.J.M., *$Snieckus V.
14:40 02118 Total Synthesis of Dihydrocodeine and Hydrocodone Varghese V., *Hudlicky T.
15:00 02119 Optically Pure Carbocycles Sreedharan D., *$Clive D.L.J.
15:20 02120 Torquoselectivity in the Nazarov Reactions of Allenyl Vinyl Ketones Morgan T.D.R., Ardagh G.H., *$Burnell D.J.
15:40 02121 Functionalised Trichlorosilanes in the Asymmetric Allylation $Kysilka O., *Kocovsky P.
16:00 02122 Selective Synthesis of Polysubstituted c- and d-Lactones in Presence of Copper (I) $Inack Ngi S., Petrignet J., Duchene A., Abarbri M., *Thibonnet J.
16:20 End of Session


Glycochemistry and Glycobiology (joint with BM)

Organizer(s) - B. Grindley, D.L. Jakeman
Chair(s) - D. Jakeman

Boehringer Ingelheim Doctoral Research Award lecture:

14:00 02123 Probing Transition States via NMR Spectroscopy Chan J.
14:40 02124 Sialidase-Catalyzed Hydrolysis of Natural Substrates: Conformational Changes During Binding *$Bennet A.J., Shidmoossavee F.S., Lewis A.R.
15:00 02125 Stereocontrolled Glycosidic Bond Formation: A Challenge and an Inspiration for Organic Chemists *$Crich D.
15:40 02126 Identification of Glycosylated Antitumor Ether Lipids as Breast Cancer Stem Cell Cytotoxic Agents Xu Y., Samadder P., Arthur G., *$Schweizer F.
16:00 02127 Regioselective Synthesis of Biologically Important Glycolipids *$Grindley T.B., Twibanire J.K., Paul N.K., Omran R.P., McDonald R., Patterson R.
16:20 End of Session

OR200 A

Green Chemistry II: Catalysis

14:00 Joint with IN3 - See Green Chemistry II: Catalysis under Inorganic Chemistry for the schedule.

16:40 End of Session


Recent Advances in Peptides and Peptidomimetics (joint with BM9)

Joint with BM9 - See Recent Advances in Peptides and Peptidomimetics under Biological / Medicinal Chemistry for the schedule.

16:40 End of Session

PT1205 A

Advances in Vibrational Spectroscpy, Microscopy and Dynamic Imaging

Organizer(s) - A. Stolow, C. Pellerin, F. Lagugne-Labarthet
Chair(s) - A. Stolow

14:00 02128 FTIR Spectrochemical 2D and 3D Imaging at the IR Diffraction Limit *$Gough K.M.
14:40 02129 Synchrotron-based FTIR Spectromicroscopy at the Canadian Light Source Liu X., Borondics F., May T.
15:00 02130 Imaging the Noncentrosymmetric Structural Organization of Tissues with Interferometric Second Harmonic Generation Microscopy Rivard M., Popov K., Lalibert� M., Bertrand-Grenier A., P. Pfeffer C., Miri A., Brown C., Mongeau L.-G., Ramunno L., *L�gar� F.
15:40 02131 Novel Methods for Controlling Photophysical Properties of Cy3-labelled DNA for Applications in Fluorescence Single-molecule Spectroscopy Glembockyte V., *$Cosa G.
16:00 02132 Photochemical Reaction Dynamics of Condensed Phase Systems Using Velocity Map Imaging Walker S.W.C., Crouse J., Cann N., *$Loock H.P.
16:20 End of Session

PT2206 B

General Session

Organizer(s) - T. Nguyen-Dang
Chair(s) - T.T. Nguyen-Dang, C. Lefebvre

14:00 02133 Metal-Organic Molecular Units for Induced Structure Manipulation *$Naumkin F.Y.
14:20 02134 Computational Model of Regioselective Alkylation Reactions of Diols through Organotin Intermediates with Added Nucleophiles Lu S., Boyd R.J., Grindley T.B.
14:40 02135 High Level Ab Initio and DFT Calculations for the Unimolecular Decomposition Reaction of Ethylamine *$Almatarneh M.H., Tarawneh M., Poirier R.A., Sariareh I.Y. WITHDRAWN
15:00 02136 MD and QM/MM Insights Into High Fidelity Substrate-Assisted Catalysis in Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetases *$Gauld J.W.
15:20 02137 Effect of Choice of Computational Approach in Modeling Flexible Enzyme Active Sites Dokainsih H.M., *$Gauld J.W.
15:40 02138 An Ab Initio Study of the Hydration of Nickel(III) and Copper(III) *$Pye C.C., Rodrigues F., Sharmin S.
16:00 02139 A Simple Protocol to Predict Optimal Finite Field Strengths Leading to Most Precise Calculations of Static Second Hyperpolarizabilities *Mohammed A.A., Limacher P.A., Ayers P.W.
16:20 02140 Rational Design of a Self-Assembling Cellulose Derivative Conley K., Whitehead M.A., van de Ven T.G.M.
16:40 End of Session

PT4205 C

High Pressure Chemistry

Organizer(s) - J. Tse, E. Zurek, Y. Yao
Chair(s) - E. Zurek, S. Desgreniers

14:00 02141 Development and Characterization of Novel Functional Materials at High Pressures *$Song Y.
14:40 02142 Novel van der Waals Solids in the Methane-Nitrogen System *Desgreniers S., Aldous C.
15:20 02143 Compression Behaviour of Molecular Energetic Material Analogs Dera P.
16:00 02144 High Pressure Neutron Powder Diffraction of Hydrogen Bonded Chemical Systems *$Tulk C.A., Guthrie M., Boehler R., Klug D., Moreira dos Santos A., Jamie M., Shinichi M.
16:40 End of Session


Precursors and Surface Chemistry in Chemical Vapor Deposition and Atomic Layer Deposition (joint with IN6)

14:00 Joint with IN6 - See Precursors and Surface Chemistry in Chemical Vapor Deposition and Atomic Layer Deposition under Inorganic Chemistry for the schedule.

15:40 End of Session

PT2104 B

Structural Characterization of Biomolecules on Surfaces (joint with SS5)

14:00 Joint with SS5 - See Structural Characterization of Biomolecules on Surfaces under Surface Science for the schedule.

16:40 End of Session

SS42104 A

Recent Avances in Photoemission

Organizer(s) - T. Ellis, Y. Hu, T.-K. Sham
Chair(s) - T.-K. Sham, G.M. Bancroft

14:00 02145 Recent Advances in High Resolution XPS of Non-conductor Oxides and Silicates *Bancroft G.M., $Nesbitt H.W., Biesinger M.
14:40 02146 Industrial Applications of X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy in GE Research and Development Laboratory *$Piao H.
15:20 02147 Cryo-XPS Study of the Adsorption of Xanthate on Pyrite Karpuzov D., Deng M., Liu Q., Xu Z.
15:40 02148 Frontiers of Photoelectron Spectroscopy *$Bergersen H., �hlund J., Moberg R.
16:00 02149 Novel Applications in Surface Science: In Situ Sample Analysis in Extreme Environments Schulmeyer T.
16:20 02150 A New Type of Detector for Dynamic XPS Measurements Baumann P., Kroemker B., Pruemper G., *Winkler K., $Feltz A., Henn F.
16:40 End of Session

SS52104 B

Structural Characterization of Biomolecules on Surfaces (joint with PT)

Organizer(s) - D. Hore
Chair(s) - D. Hore

14:00 02151 Early-Stage Aggregation of Amyloid Proteins on Membrane Surfaces Probed by Chiral Sum Frequency Generation Spectroscopy Fu L., Wang Z., *$Yan E.C.Y.
14:40 02152 Molecular Conformation and Orientation of Peptides and Proteins at Interfaces Chen Z.
15:20 02153 Studies of Natural and Artificial Photosynthesis Batista V.
15:40 02154 Receptor Endocytosis: Biophysical Chemistry Is More Than Just a Pain Sheehan K.M., Ma Q., *Cramb D.T.
16:00 02155 How Various Co-solutes (Salts, Denaturants and Osmolytes) Affect Hydrophobic Interactions *$Khajehpour M., Macdonald R., Shpiruk T., Sorokina O.
16:20 02156 Thermodynamics of Ligand Binding and Conformational Transformations of Periplasmic Binding Proteins Huang W.-J., Blinov N., *$Kovalenko A.
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Precursors and Surface Chemistry in Chemical Vapor Deposition and Atomic Layer Deposition

14:00 Joint with IN6 - See Precursors and Surface Chemistry in Chemical Vapor Deposition and Atomic Layer Deposition under Inorganic Chemistry for the schedule.

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